Relocating your family to UAE? Few things you must know before you move to UAE

Relocating family to a foreign country is the most challenging situation one can face considering the uncertainties involved in the process. Therefore this blog addresses the possible situations that you and your family can face while relocating to UAE and how you can be better prepared to handle it.


    1. Before you think for your family visa, you need to get your residence visa stamped in UAE so that you can sponsor your family.


  1. Before you start the process for residence visa of your family, you must be ready with the attestation part of your marriage certificate, birth certificate of children and school leaving certificates. For more information on attestation please click here.


  1. Public transport in UAE is quite costly and limited so rather being dependent on public transport it is advisable to own a driving license in UAE or at least start the process for it before your bring your family.


  1. It is advisable to settle in a locality where schools are nearby because availability of public transport is limited as well as costly. Also preferably search for a furnished or semi-furnished flat to avoid struggle in shifting of furniture etc.


  1. As of now, Saudi Government has introduced a new tax for people coming with their dependent. There are chances that it may get applicable to all GCC countries.


  1. One of the most considerable point is to understand with your Employer that what cover they are providing with the Insurance and if any additional cover is required you should get it done immediately.


  1. If your Spouse also need Job in UAE, He or She also need attestation on his or her educational certificate, So it is advisable to get your spouse educational certificate attestation as well before relocating. For any help regarding document attestation click here.
  1. Also before travelling, carry your regular use medicines like cough syrup, antibiotics etc. because in UAE you cannot buy any medicine without the prescription.

So guys take care  of everything and have a Happy Journey.

Before we sign out lets update you of Indian Embassy in Dubai website ( ) and phone number (00971-24492700).
Bon Voyage !!

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