7 Golden Rules that will keep you out of trouble when you are visiting DUBAI (UAE)

Dubai has been ranked in the world’s top 10 city destinations by international tourists and travellers across the globe in various international surveys. Glitzy Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ holiday hot spot. This city of high-rises and shopping malls has transformed itself from a desert outpost to the most desired destination, where tourists flock for sales bargains, sunshine, and family fun. Dubai (UAE) offers unique opportunity for travellers to experience the Desert Safari, Ice Skating, Seven Star Hotels and Malls, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Aquariums, Formula1 Races, Horse races, International Exhibitions and huge number of other unique experiences all in one trip.

Therefore there is a huge surge of visitors to UAE from India every year. Especially 2020 Exhibition in Dubai which is supposed to be a year-long event will see millions of Indians travelling to UAE for business, pleasure and employment.
Following rules are a broad guidelines which will help all travellers to safeguard themselves and have a great travel experience.

1. Once you received your Visa (may it be any kind of visa Employment or Visit), check for each and every spelling of your name, birth place, passport number etc. is in order and exactly matching to your passport. If anything found mismatched contact your employer immediately without any further delay and before you plan your travel. Also check the first page of your passport (which has your photograph, name and birthdate etc.) is damaged or faded, it is advisable to issue a new passport and then re-apply for a visa.

2. If you are travelling on a visit visa or tourist visa, you should have return ticket booked with you within the validity period of visit visa. If you are travelling to UAE on job search purposes then its always better to carry your Educational documents attested by UAE Embassy in India for that matter. For all queries regarding how to obtain a Tourist visa for UAE or how to get documents attested from UAE Embassy please click here

3. Cost of Medical Services and Hospitalization in UAE can be huge if need arises during your travel. So for those who are travelling on visit / tourist visa, you should mandatorily get mediclaim insurance cover from any of the Insurance companies which will be valid throughout your travel period. A typical insurance of 50000 USD will cost no more than 800 – 1200 INR depending on the insurance company and type of cover but this will cover all kinds of Hospital expenses in case of any mishap/accident or emergency hospitalization during travel. All you need to obtain an insurance policy is your passport copy, visa and travel tickets.

4. If you have previously worked in UAE and now travelling again on work visa, you need to reconfirm whether your previous employer has not put you in black list or lodged any kind of complaint against you. This is required because in case this has happened then you may be disallowed to enter UAE after reaching UAE at emigration counter. If you have any dues with banks / credit cards in UAE during your previous stays then you can be taken to UAE courts or imprisoned depending on the charges against you (if applicable).

5. Many Indians travelling to the UAE buy medicines or some other banned products from India because they are less expensive there. But they are usually unaware of the drugs or products that are banned in the UAE. So you should be aware of the banned products and strictly not to carry with you while travelling. If you are carrying medicines please make sure you also carry proper prescription of a physician as supporting document along with bill of purchase of the medicines.

6. The UAE is a country which is a melting pot of different cultures and welcomes people from different corners of the world. The cosmopolitan nature of the country demands a uniform set of traffic rules which needs to be followed strictly to provide seamless and smooth traffic conditions. So you must be aware of each and every traffic / civic rules for ex. Crossing the roads through zebra crossings, Smoking / drinking or disposing garbage in Public places etc.

7. You should be aware about working hours, restrictions on consumption of food in public places etc. during the holy month of RAMADAN in UAE. You can find the details of rules and regulation in UAE during RAMADAN by clicking below link:

So pack your bags and get ready for experience of your lifetime, and before we sign out lets update you of Indian Embassy in Dubai website (http://www.indembassyuae.gov.in ) and phone number (00971-24492700).
Bon Voyage !!

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