Police Clearance Certificate for Qatar

Is PCC Required For Qatar Certificate Attestation ?

Is Police Clearance Certificate Necessary For Qatar Certificate Attestation ?

Yes !  Now PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) is also required for Qatar Embassy Certificate attestation as per the new change the rules which have been implemented recently in January 2015. Earlier PCC was not required for Qatar attestation and the process used to be very simple one but now applying for PCC and getting it may take somewhere between 1 week to 4 weeks time there after the PCC as well as the educational document has to be attested from the qatar embassy and that takes additional 7 to 8 working days and yes not to mention that HRD attestation is also now compulsory for all educational certificates from India so another time frame of 7 – 14 days may be required for getting the HRD attestation done and thereafter the certificate can be submitted to the Qatar Embassy for final embassy attestation. Now is there any process by which we can save time . . . ? Yes ! there is a process by which we can avoid the HRD attestation and get the Qatar Embassy Attestation directly, however PCC attestation is a must and getting pcc is mandatory that process cannot be avoided at all.

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