degree certificate attestation procedure for Qatar

New Rule : Qatar Attestation faster process

Get degree certificate attestation procedure for Qatar in India. Qatar Embassy had changed the attestation rules earlier which now require a bonafide letter from the University / Institute which states that the candidate was a bonafide student for the course and that it is a full time course. The format for bonafide letter is very specific and any minor change in the format would result in rejection of documents from the Qatar Embassy.

Procedure of Certificate Attestation in Pune|Mumbai
Degree certificate attestation procedure for Qatar


Also the days allotted to various agencies for document submissions were limited and the quota of submission was also limited which had resulted in a huge pile up of documents with the agencies waiting to be attested. Since the Embassy didn’t take more than the allowed quota of documents the agencies too had no other option than keep the candidates waiting till their documents were accepted. However now the Embassy has made some welcome changes in the way things are operated and this has resulted in to faster process and lesser pendency of documents with the Embassy as well as the agencies. The attestation process which used to take 3-4 weeks time (sometimes 6 weeks) is now happening in 8-10 days flat. Of course it also depends on whether candidate is approaching the right agency which has authorisation to submit the documents directly to the Embassy. If the agency is not directly submitting documents to Embassy and routing through another agency then naturally the time taken is more.

 Assistance in this process of Qatar Embassy Attestation

If someone is looking for assistance in this process of Qatar Embassy Attestation, Manav Attestation Services have been doing Kuwait visa Stampings in Mumbai and Delhi for past many years and we have experienced consultants at various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai to assist the needful candidates in this Attestation process. Please call our experts in Mumbai- 7738980318 / or in Delhi – 9717471612 / Chennai – 7358411696 / Pune – 9970466594 for further information on above. We also undertake all educational, personal and commercial document attestations for UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi etc and all visa stampings and Visit / Business visas for Singapore, Malaysia, China etc. This is a reputed agency approved by the Ministry and offers pick and drop services at all major cities in India.


What is the documents requirement for Qatar attestation of Degree / Educational Certificate?

For Fresh Candidates Traveling To Qatar For First Job
1) Original Degree/ Certificate with HRD. (Xerox Copies not allowed)
2) Final Year Original Marks Sheet.
3) Passport Copy. (First, Last & Visa pages)

What is the time frame for Qatar Attestation from India?

Usual time limit now is 5-6 working days, may vary depending on earlier attestations done.
What are charges for Qatar Attestation from India?

Charges for MEA + Qatar EMBASSY ATTN + Charges total: INR 5500/= Per degree certificate (educational). Charges may differ depending on INR to USD conversion rate at the time of attestation. For more information please visit us at: Qatar certificate attestation in India.

What are charges for Non-Educational Certificates attestation from Qatar consulates in India?
The charges for non-educational certificate may vary from INR 5000 depending on the document and whether translation of document is required. For Non-educational documents, the time required is less @ 3-4 days. All Birth certificates, marriage certificates and similar kind of certificates are considered as as non-educational documents/ certificates.

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